Kamel Ferdi
CEO of Advanced Galvanization AG (AG2)

Mr. Ferdi has worked in the thin film, vacuum processing industry for 25 years with various technical and senior management positions. This includes Senior Vice President of Advanced Energy Europe, where he led the company into new market technologies through architectural low-e glass, flat panel display and thin film PV solar applications.

Dr. Pierre Vanden Brande

Founder & CTO of Advanced Galvanization AG (AG2)

More than 20 years in High Vacuum & Plasma Technologies
Conception & construction of complete industrial PVD systems
Development of high efficiency plasma sources
Expert in PVD technologies & processes
Material sciences: Metallurgy, Corrosion protection, Physicochemistry

Author in 53 Scientific Publications & communications,
Inventor in 19 patent applications

PhD in Material Science Engineering (Brussels University - ULB)
Master Degree in Metallurgical Engineering (ULB)
Business Degree – Major in Finance (Solvay Business School)

Benoît Jacobs
Mechanical Engineering


More than 20 years in mechanical engineering and conception of complex systems
including High Vacuum & Plasma Technologies
Production team manager


Mechanical Engineering Degree (I.A.M., I.T.M.E.)


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