In line Physical Vapor Deposition to Galvanization (PVDG) plant including from left to right: i) entry table, ii) entry load-lock, iii) etching station to steel activation, iv) pumping and transportation stations, v) PVDG stations, vi) exit load-lock, vii) exit table. Systems are customized according to the application by adapting the length of tables and locks as well as the number of processing units, pumping and transportation stations. Typical configuration shown includes tables and
locks arranged for 12m batch loads and a max throughput of 19T of steel processed per hour. Thickness of high quality zinc coating, realized onto substrates kept close to room temperature, is easily controlled by the power delivered to zinc plasma evaporators from several µm up to 150µm, according to load and transportation speed. Max production time is 23h per day (1h is required for system shutdown, reloading with zinc, and restart).
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